Mother's Asssistant for Premature Twins

Jessica and Jason Fielder are in search of a paid 'mother's assistant'.

We are open to a live-in situation under the right circumstances. We live in south west Austin, TX. This person would help 8 to 10 hours a day with the girls doing the following: helping with all babies' needs (diapers, feedings, etc), washing baby bottles, going along to doctors appointments, running errands, and such. Basically, an extra set of hands to help out in anyway that's needed. Please see below for the special requirements that are necessary for our girls.

The girls, Verity and Arabella, were born at only 24 weeks gestation. Due to their early arrival and weak immune systems, both our pediatrician and neonatologist have set rules as to their exposure to the outside world. For example, for the first year we cannot take them to the grocery store or into any group setting. The girls cannot be around other children or those that are around other children on a regular basis. It is very important that if anyone has been sick or around anyone with any illness or any symptoms of illness (including allergies) that they are not around the girls. (This includes runny nose, congestion, cough, scratchy throat, upset stomach, etc.) The reason I bring this up is to frame the following requests of a person considering applying for the 'mother's assistant' position.

Please shower and wear clean clothes, no smoking, perfumes or fragrance before coming over.

If you are sick, have allergies, or have been around anyone that has, we would prefer to just get a text or call letting us know that you will not be coming. Honesty and forethought in this area are of utmost importance.

Upon arrival please wash with antibiotic soap and remove shoes or put on shoe covers.

The flu shot and the pertussis (whooping cough) booster vaccine called Tdap are required of the helper. We will pay for the shots.

If a live-in situation, you will have your own room, typical utilities and Internet. Some meals will be provided. School/study time can be worked around the girls' schedule.

Ideally, this person would have some medical training and be very detail-oriented. However, this is not a requirement. Verity is on oxygen support and has a feeding tube; whoever helps out will need to be comfortable with these medical needs. Looking for someone teachable and willing to follow all the particulars.

We are looking for this person to start as soon as possible and work through this coming March, if not longer.

Jason Fielder


P.S. We welcome any questions and would like to speak on the phone prior to your visit, Jessica's # 214-924-5377."