Artist Gatherings

This Month - February 8 at 12PM

Gallery Opening and Music & Arts Lunch: We are pleased to welcome and hear from All Saints artist, Asher Wood, at this month's music and arts lunch. Asher's work will be on display in the gallery during Lent. Please join us for lunch as Asher discusses his show. Lunch provided with an RSVP to David Lutes.

1st Wednesday Music + Arts Gatherings

Whether you're a creative professional, serious hobbyist, or are just beginning to explore your creative interests, join us for our 1st Wednesday Music + Arts gatherings and enjoy food, fellowship, encouragement, and opportunities to discuss, learn, and serve with fellow creatives.


  • Wednesdays 1/11, 2/1, 3/8, 4/5, and 5/3 at Noon in the All Saints Gallery, outside the interim sanctuary (7808 Rialto Blvd., 78735). Lunch will be provided with an RSVP to David.