Adult Classes

Living in a Digital World

  • Room 439
  • Taught by Josh Keller and Josh Eby

During the first half of this class we'll discuss living in a digital world - Technology and the family. Join us as we engage with the questions pertaining to the intersection of technology and faith in a family.

50+ Class: New Testament Essentials

  • *New Time* 11:00AM-12:00PM
  • *New Room* 200
  • Taught by Craig Chapman

For All Saints' 50+ community - Following up our survey of the Old Testament this fall we'll begin a survey of the New Testament.

C.S. Lewis

  • Room 200
  • Taught by Greg Grooms and Bryce Carlisle

This fall join us as we read and discuss selections from the essays and fiction of C. S. Lewis. Because Lewis spent a so much time resisting Christian faith, was so honest in considering the claims of Christianity, and because his conversion was as thorough as it was sincere, Lewis appealed not only to reason, but also to the imagination-to the full range of what makes us human. This holistic approach to making a case for Christianity makes C. S. Lewis "possibly the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century" according to Oxford theologian and scientist, Alister McGrath. Come join us and discover why Pastor Greg Grooms can't help but find a way to include C. S. Lewis in most of his lessons and sermon!

"Training for Women who Shepherd"

  • Room 437
  • Taught by Kim Hall

Class for women ministering to their friends, family, co-workers, etc. in the aftermath of trauma and/or the midst of suffering. We will be using the book "Suffering and the Heart of God" by Diane Langberg as our guide in this class.