Small Groups

A small group is a gathering from All Saints that attends to God, grows in faith, and serves those in need together. We hope all of our members and regular attenders will participate in a small group because we realize that deeper spiritual and relational growth happens in intimate settings that focus upon:

  • Studying God’s Word
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines
  • Serving others

Most small groups meet in people’s homes throughout the city, often sharing a meal. If you’re not part of a small group, please consider joining one. Newcomers, we especially want to invite and welcome you! Feel free to check out the various groups that are most convenient. Email Rebekah if you have any questions or would like for us to recommend a group for you to try.



Click here to find a small group near you. Feel free to contact the group leader for more information or to let them know you are coming.

Meeting Times

Frequently Asked Questions

What do groups do?

  • Fellowship – social engagement that facilitates true friendship
  • Study & Discussion – weekly Bible-based content
  • Prayer – responding to God's Word with ours in thanks, praise, and request
  • Mission – Re-ordering our lives around serving others

What is the content?

Content varies according to group. Many groups will follow a discussion guide based on the previous week’s sermon.

How long does a group last?

Small groups generally follow a semester schedule with Christmas and summer breaks. Group sign-ups occur at the beginning of each term. Be on the lookout for notices about signing up. After that, dig in, at least for the semester. If the group just isn’t working out for you, switch up next semester.

Who leads these groups?

Groups are led by trained All Saints members. Leaders attend quarterly meetings and receive ongoing support from pastoral staff.

Can I start a new small group?

New groups can form at any time. Find some friends, neighbors, colleagues, people like you, people unlike you…gather them and start a new group. To further discuss how you can help get a new group off the ground, email Rebekah.