Adult Classes

50+ Class: Old Testament Essentials

  • Room 437
  • Taught by Craig Chapman

For All Saints' 50+ community - A survey of the Old Testament based on Dr. Tremper Longman’s book by the same name. This class will cover the basic plot and major themes of the Old Testament. Each type of writing calls for different reading approaches, whether they be historical narrative, law, prophecy, poetry, wisdom or apocalyptic literature. Each week we will seek to help you better understand the Old Testament’s message, how it points to Jesus, and how it is relevant to your life today.

Ephesians: The Church

  • Room 439
  • Taught by Greg Grooms

It's always been easy for God's people to suffer from an identity crisis. After all our standing in the eyes of the world has always been shaky at best even in the best of times. In his letter to the church at Ephesus the apostle Paul reminds them and us of essential truths, not only about who we ought to be, but who we are in Christ, truths that shape our most important relationships and our place in the world.

Young Families Class

  • Room 200
  • Taught by Josh Eby and Kim Hall

This is a seminar for young families that will begin a conversation about living married life and raising children within a Kingdom of God perspective.