A New Season of Life for the Ebys

With great thankfulness, sadness, and hope, All Saints announces Rev. Josh Eby's request to be released from his pastoral responsibilities at All Saints, effective April 9, in order to focus on full-time ministry at Vida House (formerly the Center for Latino Leadership). Because Josh was voted into the role of Associate Pastor by the congregation, the PCA Book of Church Orderrequires a formal congregational vote to release him from his pastoral call at All Saints; the congregational vote will take place Sunday, March 4.

Please read more from Josh below...

Dear All Saints Community,

Our family moved to Austin and began worshipping at All Saints in late 2010. Since then, you have loved, cared for, and supported our family and we have loved, cared for, and supported this community. Since the summer of 2012, I have juggled my pastoral responsibilities at All Saints alongside those as the founder and director of the Center for Latino Leadership.

Over this time, All Saints has grown, changed, flourished, and matured in many ways. We've received the gifts and graces of new people, new ministries, new resources, new staff, and a new campus. Thanks be to God! It has been a privilege and honor to serve as one of your pastors over this time.

Simultaneously, the Center for Latino Leadership has grown, changed, flourished, and matured in many ways as well. We've received the gifts and graces of new people, new ministries, new resources, new staff, and a new name: Vida House. The burning question of Vida House is: what would it look like to train and support missionaries, pastors, and leaders for our world in life-giving ways, especially among the burgeoning Latino population? By God's grace, we are answering that question in new, fresh, innovative ways through life-giving spiritual, biblical, missional, vocational, and communal formation. We have a strong team of pastors, scholars, non-profit leaders, supporters, and students who are committed to praying, studying, serving, and working together to embody the life of Jesus in our communities. We have developed a 3-year seminary-level curriculum that prepares and empowers students to be leaders in their households, churches, and places of work. We have an amazing group of students who are prayerfully discerning God's call for their lives.

In October, Tim and I discussed my dual role to All Saints and Vida House. He asked how committed I was to Vida House and if I would consider taking on greater and different responsibilities at All Saints. As I continued to look out, look in, and look up, attempting to discern God's call in each of these areas, I became increasingly convinced of my commitment to Vida House and began the process of resigning from All Saints in December. I have communicated this desire to our staff and officers, and have received confirmation that the timing is right to make this transition. Please know that this decision wasn't entered into lightly or hastily, but is one I have been weighing with my family, close friends, members of the Session, and Tim for the last 18 months.

We're especially grateful that this transition doesn't require us to leave the city we've grown to love so much. In fact, this transition frees us up to love this city even more! We're also thankful that this transition doesn't require us to leave the relationships we've built with you. We plan to continue worshipping at All Saints as much as we are able, given our vision to support pastors and churches across our city.

We are so thankful for All Saints and for all that God is doing through his body in this place! We now ask that you joyfully, faithfully, sacrificially, and lovingly send us out to be and build up the body of Christ through the ministries of Vida House.

I look forward to sharing more with you on Sunday and would love the opportunity to discuss this with you personally.

In the hope, joy, and peace of Christ,

Rev. Josh Eby