Update on the Madagascar Trip

Our friends and missions partners, the McReynolds family, recently put together this video of their family in Madagascar. A wonderful glimpse into their extraordinary day-to-day life.

"Titus Hall and I are leaving from Houston June 21st and arriving June 23rd. We will be staying with the McReynolds on a small island off the coast of Madagascar called Nosy Be. We will be spending our time getting a taste of all the different ministries the McReynolds are involved in. We will also be meeting the local people and understanding the culture of their island, so that in future years we can come and have specific ways in which we can minister to them alongside of the McReynolds."

"I will be leaving on July 3rd and Titus will be staying with the McReynolds. On July 7th Patty and Hannah Edling will be traveling to Madagascar and staying with Titus and the McReynolds until July 17th. We plan on bringing as much stuff out to the McReynolds as we can to help support their ministries and we will be bringing back some art from their island to sell at the church. This is a vision trip so all of our days are a little open ended and will be guided by Bryan as he sees fit. We would love your prayer for safety, renewal for the McReynolds, and a clearer vision of their ministry needs!"

- Matt Ziehr, All Saints Missions Committee