Dove Installation

About the Dove Installation - Chapel

The Holy Spirit is often represented as a dove in the Bible. As we seek to follow Christ in love and service during the Season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time), we've chosen this symbol to remind us of Christ's gift of the Spirit to both His disciples at Pentecost, and to us, His body on earth. Through the indwelling of the Spirit, we are able to know, love, and serve God and our neighbors, and be formed more fully into the image of Christ.

This installation is a prototype for a larger piece we plan to install in the interim sanctuary for next Pentecost, May 31, 2020, and the season following. We've made these origami doves from folded glassine paper hung with clear thread and fishing line.

Current Dove Installation - Chapel

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Dove-Making Resources

Click on the image for a how-to video and downloadable instructions.



  • Use the resources above to practice folding a dove.
  • Contact Sonya to receive the paper unique to the installation.
  • Drop off the finished doves by the below dates so they can be included in the installation(s).


  • Sunday, Nov 24 - Deadline to drop off doves for chapel installation
  • Sunday, Dec 22 - Chapel installation complete
  • Sunday, May 10 - Deadline to drop off doves for interim sanctuary installation
  • Sunday, May 31 - Interim sanctuary installation complete