Who We Are

All Saints is a community of God’s People called to live as the body of Christ in Austin for the world through worship, spiritual formation, and service.



Weekly gathered worship is the center of our life together. At the center of worship is God’s Word and Sacraments. Our liturgical worship is a joyful response to the sovereign call of the Triune God to love Him with all our being and our neighbors as ourselves. Preaching and the Eucharist, confession and affirmation, hymns and songs, passing of the peace… throughout the service we seek to embody the gospel — the good news story of God reconciling sinners to himself in Jesus Christ. Rooted in the historic Christian faith and practice, we strive to make this good news intelligible and beautiful to the people and culture of Austin.

All Saints Presbyterian Church - Austin, TX

Spiritual Formation

The church is the people of God who are growing up in every way into Christ. This formation is the work of the Holy Spirit and is rooted in and shaped by the Scriptures. Formation necessarily occurs in the church community as the Word of God is heard, understood, applied, and lived together — among individuals and among families. Outside of worship, we foremost seek to cultivate these relationships through a citywide network of small groups meeting regularly for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Our hope is that these groups (and the relationships they represent) will nurture a welcoming and vibrant community in which God’s covenantal love and promises are known from generation to generation.

All Saints Presbyterian Church - Austin, TX


God is at work in Christ bringing spiritual, social, and physical life and peace to the world. We want to humbly and boldly tell the redemptive story of Jesus to the city of Austin while joining others who are telling it throughout our region, nation, and world. This requires that we employ all of our resources (finances, time, abilities, and lives) in acts of word and deed towards this end. Thus, our prayer is for the Lord to use us to plant churches, establish ministries of mercy and justice, partner with foreign missionaries, and send each of our members out into their particular vocations to bring the peace of Christ to our world.