The apostle Paul asks the rhetorical question: What do you have, that you have not received? (1 Corinthians 4:7). The answer is nothing. Everything we have in life we have received as a gift. But, in our pride, we often think that the things we have attained in life have come from own strength, wisdom, and ingenuity. They haven’t. They’re all a gift. Even and especially our financial standing. Tithing or sacrificial giving is a tangible reminder that we're not ultimately to live self-directed lives, but God and other-directed ones. Sacrificial giving is a discipline to make us more generous, joyful, caring and gracious people. The paradox of Christianity is that we are more blessed, satisfied, and fulfilled when we give, rather than when we receive. It was true of our Savior and it’s true of us. The goal of sacrificial giving is to more fully display the generosity of Jesus to us in our giving to others.