All Saints' Financial Needs

Giving at All Saints Presbyterian Church

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of those who gave so generously and sacrificially to All Saints in 2018. Our members' tithes and offerings fund the mission and ministry at All Saints and beyond.

We came up short of our budget goal in December, so we have some ground to make up this spring in order to meet our budget needs for the fiscal year to allow All Saints to continue our current ministries. And we can do it with everyone's participation. All Saints' leadership is asking all of its members to support the work and worship of the church to the best of each member's ability -- including the Biblical practice of generous giving to the church. We look forward to seeing how God will provide for All Saints in 2019.

There are a few building improvement/expansion projects at All Saints we'd like to undertake this year, but we're not able to fund them until we return to operating on a balanced budget for our ongoing ministry expenses. Each member practicing regular and generous giving can help move All Saints closer to being able to address our existing and upcoming challenges of making room for everyone God brings through the church's doors. Increased giving participation this spring could allow the church to pursue some campus enhancement projects in 2019. How can you help?

If you haven't yet made tithing and sacrificial giving a practice, there's no time like the present to start! For those who are able, your regular practice of giving weekly, monthly, or even quarterly helps All Saints plan wisely for the seasons to come as we seek to meet the growing ministry needs of our church.

Your gift today will make All Saints better positioned for ministry tomorrow. Your regular practice of generosity enables All Saints' ministry not only to continue but to grow as we seek to exercise hospitality with those God brings through the church's doors and to be generous with our missions partners across the city and around the world.

You can give online or by mail to All Saints (7808 Rialto Blvd, Austin, TX 78735). If you have questions about stock contributions or any giving-related topic, please contact David Breeding.

Thank you for helping All Saints to be the Body of Christ in Austin for the world.

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Finance Update

All Saints' fiscal year is July 1 - June 30.

2018-19 GIVING

  • $1,862,000 - Giving: target through Dec 31
  • $1,741,000 - Giving: July 1 through Dec 31
  • $2,931,000 - Giving: budget through June 30
  • $1,190,000 - Additional giving needed by June 30 - how can you help?

2018-19 EXPENSES

  • $1,448,000 - Expenses: July 1 through Dec 31
  • $1,466,000 - Expenses: budgeted through Dec 31
  • $2,931,000 - Expenses: budgeted through June 30 (includes $441,000 given away to mission partners each year)

Budget Breakdown

  • Giving to Missions: $446,000
  • Sunday Worship Expenses: $91,000
  • Ministry Programming Expenses: $116,000
  • Congregational Life & Care: $22,000
  • Safety-Security Initiatives: $30,000
  • Staff Expenses: $1,419,000
  • Office Expenses: $38,000
  • Administration: $57,000
  • Building Operating Costs: $193,000
  • Building Maintenance Reserves: $150,000
  • Building Loan Payments: $369,000