Dementia Caregivers

Dementia and Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group

Supporting a family member living with dementia or Alzheimers can be daunting. We do not want you to struggle alone. We provide a welcoming and encouraging haven for caregivers of people with dementia or Alzheimers.


1st and 3rd Tuesdays @ 2PM


Circle C Community Center, 7817 La Crosse Avenue, 78739

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the group do?

We open with time for new and returning participants to give us an overview of their individual situation and particular needs.

How will it be helpful?

Our individual experiences as caregivers frequently provide insights that benefit the entire group. Participants have an opportunity to learn, ask further questions, and most importantly, to interact with others in a similar role. Our focus on exploring the situational needs of the loved ones we care for leads to sharing "what worked for us" with others, discussing evidence-based strategies, and identifying local or national resources.

Do people only come for information?

Most people attend for fellowship with people who can relate to one another’s “walk.” Because this is a place where others “get it”, they feel free to express frustration, fears, sorrow, loneliness, successes, and at times, healing humor. It can be a time to renew hope and energy for this important role.



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