Intro to Adult Sunday Class from Kim Hall and David Vilches.

We are offering a class for adults of all ages this spring semester at 9:45 AM in Room 200. The class will contain two portions, the first, led by Kim Hall, begins Sunday, January 8. A part of the class will be "All About All Saints Missions," led by David Vilches.

Cultural Backgrounds of the Bible
The scriptures were written for us, not to us. What does that mean and why does it matter?

In the fullness of God's wisdom and time his word came to a particular people in a particular place in history. What was that gospel message? Why choose then? Why choose them? Why not wait until science proved that the earth was round and orbited around the sun?

How did the original hearers understand God's intentions in their particular ancient near-eastern context and cosmology? Was it much different from how we understand it in our own modern, western, progressive, and enlightened time? Does it really matter when we grapple with the difficult and discordant portions of scripture? Does it affect our regard and attention to the entirety of God's word - both in the Old Testament and New? The answer to these questions is "yes!"

This class will consider the ancient near eastern cultural backgrounds of the Bible in order to grow in the love and knowledge of God's eternal and unchanging purposes for his people, the nations, and the world.