All Saints Choir

Rehearsal Notes

Choir Practice is on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. Come early for fellowship and refreshments! If you need child care, please contact Jamie Taylor.


Important Dates

8/29: Rehearsal at 7:30 PM

9/23: Offertory, "The 23rd Psalm"

10/21: Offertory, "Ubi Caritas"

11/4: Reformation Sunday, Hymns & Lit. Music

11/18: Offertory, "Hark, I Hear The Harps Eternal"


Practice Resources

Click here to listen to our practice tracks between rehearsals. Each piece has a set of part recordings, plus a full recording. You'll also find parts for all of our hymns.

Feel free to take your folders home whenever you like, but please remember to bring them back to rehearsal and on Sunday!


Trinity Commission                                          

All Saints Music and Arts ministry is supporting a unique and exciting project this year. We are overseeing the commission of a new work for the All Saints Choir!


The composition is based on a rare 14th century manuscript, housed at Trinity University in San Antonio. It was the subject of recent scholarship by former All Saints musician and member, Kristie Kummerer.

The composition is intended to set music and text from this original document for a modern church choral ensemble. Local choral musician and composer, Susan Meitz, is working closely with Kristie to create a work for our ensemble. Dr. Cina Crisara, the director of the Austin Opera Chorus and frequent Conspirare collaborator, will serve as an artistic adviser and editor of the final work.


As a part of the creative process, All Saints will host two events:

  • Workshop, held in early December, with a short talk by Kristie Kummerer and Susan Meitz on the manuscript and composition, followed by a rehearsal led by Dr. Crisara.
  • World Premiere Concert, a choral concert to be held in the late Spring.

As you can see, there are multiple opportunities for outreach through this collaboration, as well as a chance to create edifying and beautiful worship music for our own community. I'll be bringing the manuscript in process to rehearsal from time to time this Fall, so y'all can road test pages for the benefit of our composer.

For more information, or to contribute to the composition, contact Jamie



Jamie Taylor

Choir Director

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