In the gospels, Jesus says that everything God desires us to be, as both children and adults, is summed up by these two commandments: “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

This love is formed through worship, in the midst of relationships, and by serving those in need. At All Saints we seek to provide our children with opportunities to worship, to form life-giving relationships of mutual joy, and give themselves away in service to others in childlike ways – the ways of Jesus’ kingdom.

Children's Sunday Classes at All Saints Presbyterian Church

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings, like so many things, look a little different for the Children's Ministry during the pandemic. We have taken extra precautions to keep our campus a safe, loving, and joyful environment for saints of all ages. Below is some helpful information for your family's time with us.


Pre-register to help at check-in. Check-in now occurs outside on the walkway at one of the kid-check kiosks.

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  • 0-2 year-olds
  • Reopening by RSVP this Sunday, September 20.

The babies and toddlers in these rooms enjoy age appropriate toys, books, bible stories, music, and lots of hugs and cuddles.

Children's Church

  • 3-4 year-olds
  • Reopening by RSVP this Sunday, September 20.

These kiddos enjoy music, crafts, indoor play time and outside play time. Parents please make sure you are using the KidCheck system and are labeling all cups, bags, etc.

Small Saints

  • Grades K-3rd
  • Reopening Sunday, September 20 at the 9AM service.

Children attend the service with their parents, then are dismissed before the homily for a lesson and activities. Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic children who leave for Small Saints will not re-enter the sanctuary for communion. They will remain in their class until the end of the service at which time they will be released to meet their parents in the courtyard.

Can I pick up my child early for communion?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, children in the Children's Hall and those attending Small Saints will not be allowed to reenter the sanctuary for communion.



Jenn Ripley

Children's Ministry Director


Melissa Pardue

Elementary Coordinator


Ann Bernard

Preschool Director