Bridges International

Bridges International is the international student ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. The United States is home to approximately 750,000 international students and visiting scholars. It’s no stretch of the imagination to predict that many of the world’s next generation of business, political and academic leaders will emerge from this elite group.

Bridges International exists to help serve and mobilize the international student population in the USA and abroad. Many of the staff have lived, studied and worked overseas, and they understand the unique challenges facing international students.

Closer to home, the University of Texas is home to the third highest enrollment of international students in the country. If given the opportunity, hundreds of international students would jump at the chance to receive an invitation to an American home where they can intimately encounter American culture, experience love from an American family and of course, taste authentic American food that doesn’t come in an extra value meal. You can learn more about Bridges here.

For more information about Bridges International, contact Taylor Lewis.