Membership Class

Regardless of whether you are new to All Saints or have worshiped with us for awhile, you probably have questions about the what, why, and how of our church. What does the word “reformed” or “Eucharist” mean? Why do we baptize babies? Why are there so many pieces to our worship service? How can I participate more fully in the life of this church? We’d like to answer these questions and more for you.

"All About All Saints" is a Saturday class taught by All Saints Senior Pastor, Tim Frickenschmidt, covering everything from the basics of orthodox Christianity to the details of life and worship at All Saints. This class is required for those pursuing membership but is open to anyone who is interested. Breakfast, lunch, childcare will be provided. Please register using the form below.

The next class is scheduled for Saturday, March 6. Please contact Kara Dunleavy with any questions, especially for those wishing to join sooner, especially for sacramental reasons (e.g. wanting to have your child baptized, taking communion for the first time, etc.).

Please note that our protocol and safety guidelines will be similar to those currently in place for worship. Both in-person and virtual options for participation will be available for this class.

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