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Music & Arts at All Saints

The Music & Arts Ministry exists to help the church and our city more fully and deeply know, worship, and serve God. Through nurturing fellowship, spiritual growth, service, and creative collaboration, our ministry also seeks to develop our community's artistic gifts and encourage loving engagement with the culture so that we may more truly reflect God's beauty and show His love in Christ to the world. From our weekly services to the concert series, art gallery, and the various creative and cultural events throughout the year, we offer a wealth of opportunities to enjoy, grow in, and share God's beauty, creativity, and goodness.

Art Gallery at All Saints Presbyterian Church

Art Gallery

Current Show: Communion

All Saints' 1st Annual Community Art Show

Featuring Art and Poetry by Members of the All Saints Community

Show Statement

Communion is a sacrament and the culmination of our worship together. As we feed on Christ by faith, in remembrance that He died for us, we’re not only united with Him but also with each other as a true community.

Communion is also:

· A body of Christians having a common faith and discipline

· Intimate fellowship or rapport

· An act or instance of sharing

Taken together, these various meanings of the word almost perfectly describe our 1st Annual Community Art Show: All Saints’ body of creative Christians, out of intimate fellowship and rapport with our community and God, share their creative gifts with us to the glory of our Creator who communes with us in Christ. In these artists’ visual art and poetry, we see a communion of distinct voices and varied subjects, styles, media, patterns, and rhythms that are united not only by common discipline and themes, but, more crucially, by common faith in the One who’s unseen power, light, and life infuses each work with beauty and joy.

As we gather here in community each week and to celebrate around the Lord’s Table each Sunday in worship, our hope is that this show will inspire deeper communion with God and each other and lead us all to share the beauty of community in Christ with the world.

- David Lutes, Director of Music and Arts Ministry and Gallery Director

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Music & Arts Lunches at All Saints Presbyterian Church

Music & Arts Lunches

Whether you're a creative professional, serious hobbyist, or are just beginning to explore your creative interests, join us for our monthly Music & Arts gatherings and enjoy food, fellowship, encouragement, and opportunities to discuss, learn, and serve with fellow creatives.

Lunch (and childcare - please just bring your child's lunch) is provided with an RSVP to David Lutes.

During the Fall 2018 Semester, we will meet on the first Wednesday of each month (9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5). We look forward to seeing you!

Coming Soon...


Film Screening - "Unforgivable"

Thursday, September 27

Violet Crown Cinema

7:00 - 9:00pm

Who is My Neighbor.jpg

Gallery Show - Who is My Neighbor, Pt. 2

Thursday, October 18

All Saints Gallery

6:30 - 8:30pm

Joe Deegan in concert 11%2F9.png

Concert Series - featuring Joe Deegan

This fall, we welcome Joe Deegan for a concert in the Gallery on Friday, November 9th at 6:30pm. Join us for a night of music and fellowship.

To read more about Joe, click here.


Email David Lutes

Previous Artists

  • Sandra McCracken, Nashville, TN
  • Band of Heathens (Gordy Quist & Ed Jurdi), Austin, TX
  • Andy Gullahorn, Nashville, TN
  • Rob Lutes, Montreal, Canada
  • Jake Armerding and Kevin Gosa (The Fretful Porcupine), Boston, MA
  • Tess Wiley (from Six Pence None the Richer), Germany
  • Kelly McCrae, Brooklyn, NY
  • Doug Burr, Denton, TX
  • Eric Peters, Nashville, TN
  • Connie Mims, Houston, TX
  • Nathan Tasker, Australia & Nashville, TN
  • B. Sterling, Austin, TX
  • Michael Thorne Jarrett, Waco, TX
  • Dennis Welch, Austin, TX
  • Christa Wells, Nashville, TN
  • Betty Soo, Austin, TX
  • Christa Wells with Jessica Campbell, Nashville, TN
  • Ashley Daneman, NYC
  • Brent Palmer, Austin, TX
  • Rachel Zylstra, NYC
Cross and Culture Series

Cross & Culture Annual Series

As All Saints seeks to “live as the body of Christ in Austin for the world” we are continually asking how we are called to engage with the culture of which we find ourselves a part. The Cross & Culture series is a launching pad for thoughtful discourse on the dynamic and complex parts of our culture in which we participate daily, including everything from music and literature to movies and politics.

The topics and speakers selected each year help us to not only recognize Christ’s transforming presence at work in these aspects of our culture but, instead of simply navigating past them, to also participate in them more thoughtfully and faithfully.

Cross & Culture 2018: Creation Care

Listen to audio & view pictures

Choir at All Saints Presbyterian Church


All Saints' choir is welcoming new members, ages 12 and up! Some previous choir/singing experience suggested but not required. Contact Jamie Taylor for more information.

The choir will not be rehearsing over the summer, but will continue to sing in worship on Sunday mornings. New choir members still welcome!


Singing Stones - All Saints Hymns

"I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." - Luke 19:40

Listen to the All Saints musicians as they perform 14 favorite hymns, including "Be Thou My Vision", "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross", and "In Christ Alone."

You can listen to the full album online, purchase a CD in the All Saints Bookstore, or have the CD shipped directly to you.



David Lutes

Director of Music & Arts Ministry