Sunday Classes


All Saints offers classes in the spring and fall semesters. Whether you are visiting All Saints for the first time or have been here for years these classes are a great way to find deeper connection with a smaller community of people on a Sunday morning.

Classes for adults and children (through middle school) meet Sundays through November 17. Below find info on classes being offered for the fall semester.

Looking for info on the marriage workshop concurrent with Children's Sunday School? Read more here.

Adult Classes

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Socrates Meets Jesus

  • 9:15 AM
  • Rm. 439
  • Taught by Greg Grooms

If you attend this class, you won’t hear a dialogue between the 5th century BC Greek philosopher and our Lord. Rather through the wit, imagination, and wisdom of Peter Kreeft (Boston College) we’ll follow Socrates as he’s magically transported into the academic center of the modern world, “Have It” University in “Camp Rich,” Massachusetts. There through dialogues with a janitor, some grad students and professors, and some extra ordinary believers, he comes to this conclusion:

“Think of it! God becoming a man, dying, rising-- why it’s obviously the greatest thing imaginable, greater than can be imagined, perhaps. And that, I think, is why I believe it.”

Half of each class time will be given to readings of Socrates’ dialogues, so if you have a flair for the dramatic, please lend us your voice. The remaining time will be given to discussion of why anyone in the modern world would believe that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of God, the Savior of the world.


Finishing Well

  • 50+ Sunday School Class
  • 10:45 AM
  • Rm. 437
  • Led by Craig Chapman

Finishing Well – A Conversation About Living for Jesus on the Back Nine of Life

“Finishing Well” is a familiar phrase, but what does it mean? We all want to finish well, but what might that look like in your life? What do spiritual maturity and spiritual formation look like at age 55? 65? 75? What is a biblical perspective as we prepare for retirement and senior living? How much is enough? Is one cruise a year OK but two a year too much? Should my only question each morning be: What do I want to do today? Lots of questions—and surely not only one answer. This fall our 50+ class will have a conversation (not a lecture) on the many questions raised in the second half of life. The Scriptures will be foundational in our answers and discussions.

Craig Chapman and Jeff Springer will lead the conversations. You probably can’t attend every class, but come to what you can. You will contribute to the conversation and help us find biblical answers to the many questions. All welcome! Bring friends!


Tech-Wise (this class has ended)

    (Listen to recordings of this class here.)

Wondering how to navigate the ins and outs of a technology saturated world? This class will combine the theological and practical sides of being "tech-wise" in our present age, and is open to anyone who is seeking to cultivate a proper place for technology in their life.


Sunday Young Adults (this class has ended)

How do the things you love inform your worship, and vice versa? And why do we worship the way we do at All Saints? These are the question we will consider this fall when we take a closer look at the liturgy and worship at All Saints.

Looking for a place to land?

If your spouse or family member is participating in a Sunday School class and you're looking for a productive way to spend that time, please contact Sonya Menges about opportunities to serve during that hour.