Sunday Classes


All Saints offers classes for adults, youth, and children in the spring and fall semesters. Whether you are visiting All Saints for the first time or have been here for years these classes are a great way to find deeper connection with a smaller community of people on a Sunday morning.

Adult Classes

Wisdom for Living

  • Tim Keller's series on Proverbs

  • 9:30 AM | Rm. 437 **Room Change**
  • Taught by Greg Grooms

Somewhere between our quest for truth and our thirst for virtuous character, lies a quality that is scarcely considered: wisdom. Wisdom is competence with regard to the complex realities of life. It is the ability to discern the best actions to take in situations where the accepted moral rules do not clearly apply. The course of our lives is greatly determined by the myriad daily choices we make, and the book of Proverbs is a guidebook to help us navigate those choices wisely.

The Allure Of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus

  • Women's Sunday School Class

  • 9:30 AM | Rm. 439 **Room Change**
  • Taught by Kim Hall

Working through Dallas Willard's book of the same title. In this class we’ll discuss apologetics with a spirit of gentleness. Not a gentleness that is passive, but one that allows us to wrestle with common doubts and hard questions while allowing more room for the Spirit to enliven our faith.

Doctrine of Man

  • 50+ Sunday School Class
  • 10:50 AM | Rm. 437
  • Taught by Craig Chapman & Daniel Wang

“What About … Man? In our ongoing series, “What Does the Bible Say About …?”, this Fall (beginning 9/9), we will follow our Spring study, “What About God?” (God’s Attributes), with what the Bible says about Man (Doctrine of Man). We will consider: man as a created person; the image of God; self-image; the origin, spread, nature and restraint of sin; the whole person; and the question of freedom. A right understanding of humanity is important for us to better understand God, the work of Christ in our salvation, the Church, and last things. Please join us as we consider how the Christian view of humanity helps us to better interpret and interface with the world’s problems today. This study will follow “Created in God’s Image,” by Anthony Hoekema.

The Lord and His Prayer

  • Young Adults Sunday School Mini Series
  • 11:00 AM | October 14-28 | Rm 208
  • Taught by Josh Keller

Young adults, join us for this 3-week series on the prayer left to us by Jesus. How does it - as the disciples asked - "teach us to pray?"

Looking for a place to land?

If your spouse or family member is participating in a 9:30 AM Sunday School class and you're looking for a productive way to spend that time, please contact Sally Bryant about opportunities to serve during that hour.