Sunday Classes


All Saints offers classes in the spring and fall semesters. Whether you are visiting All Saints for the first time or have been here for years these classes are a great way to find deeper connection with a smaller community of people on a Sunday morning.

**All classes except for the 50+ Sunday School class are now on break. Classes will resume for the fall on Sunday, September 8**

Adult Classes

What the Bible Says About...

  • 50+ Sunday School Class
  • 10:45 AM | Rm. 437 | Continues through Sunday, May 5
  • Taught by Craig Chapman & Daniel Wang

This spring the 50+ class continues our series on “What the Bible Says About …” as we look at Scripture’s teaching on how we are saved. Based on Dr. Anthony Hoekema’s book, Saved By Grace, we will consider such topics as the Order of Salvation, Role of the Holy Spirit, Union With Christ, Effectual Calling, Regeneration, Repentance, Faith, Justification, Sanctification, and Perseverance. All are welcome and questions are encouraged!

Looking for a place to land?

If your spouse or family member is participating in a Sunday School class and you're looking for a productive way to spend that time, please contact Sonya Menges about opportunities to serve during that hour.