Sunday Classes


All Saints offers classes in the spring and fall semesters. Whether you are visiting All Saints for the first time or have been here for years these classes are a great way to find deeper connection with a smaller community of people on a Sunday morning.

Classes for adults and children resume Sunday, January 12. Below, find info on classes being offered for the spring semester.

Adult Classes

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The Screwtape Letters

  • 9:15 AM
  • Rm. 439
  • Taught by Greg Grooms

Who among us has never wondered if there might not really be a tempter sitting on our shoulders or dogging our steps? C.S. Lewis dispels all doubts. In The Screwtape Letters, one of his bestselling works, we are made privy to the instructional correspondence between a senior demon, Screwtape, and his wannabe diabolical nephew Wormwood. As mentor, Screwtape coaches Wormwood in the finer points, tempting his "patient" away from God.

Each letter is a masterpiece of reverse theology, giving the reader an inside look at the thinking and means of temptation. Tempters, according to Lewis, have two motives: the first is fear of punishment, the second a hunger to consume or dominate other beings. On the other hand, the goal of the Creator is to woo us unto himself or to transform us through his love from "tools into servants and servants into sons." It is the dichotomy between being consumed and subsumed completely into another's identity or being liberated to be utterly ourselves that Lewis explores with his razor-sharp insight and wit.

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50+ Sunday Class

  • 50+ Sunday School Class
  • 10:45 AM
  • Chapel
  • Led by Craig Chapman

All are welcome, especially if you’re over 50. We gather for fellowship, learn from Scripture, and share prayer requests. Questions and discussion are encouraged as we seek to apply God’s Word to our lives.

Looking for a place to land?

If your spouse or family member is participating in a Sunday School class and you're looking for a productive way to spend that time, please contact Sonya Menges about opportunities to serve during that hour.