Women's Wednesday Studies

Join us on Wednesdays beginning January 13 in the morning, evening, or online! Choose the option that works best for your situation. Content remains the same across the board.

Wednesday AM Study (In Person)

Wednesday PM Study (In Person)

  • 6:30 PM Dinner, 7:00 - 8:00 PM Study
  • All Saints Chapel (socially distanced)
  • (no childcare)
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Wednesday Virtual Study

Women's Ministry Studies at All Saints Presbyterian Church

Content of the fall studies:

We intend to follow Yahweh and his people - the Hebrews - from their assembly at Mt. Sinai and onward, paying careful attention to the ancient near-eastern world and culture in which they lived. The scope of scripture will span many of the Old Testament texts.

Testimonials from past participants:

"I can't encourage you enough to get involved in one of the All Saints Women's studies. Last year we studied the Gospel of John from a first-century Jewish perspective, and while the study of the Word was rich and inspiring in all kinds of new ways, which I loved and craved, one of my favorite aspects of the study was that I ended up getting to know and hear the hearts and thoughts of so many different women in our body. Our weekly study group demographics crossed most of the generations of the women in our church, and I loved it! I now know women whom I may never have interacted with otherwise because of our life phases or stages. So not only was I well fed in the Word each week, but my All Saints community was broadened and nurtured in a wonderful way. I have so many new friends and faces that I enjoy seeing and yearn to see again soon! So come to hear and grow in the living Word, and know that your community will likely grow as well!" - Joelle B.

"The women’s Bible study was such an encouraging rhythm for me last year. There was a richness of studying the Bible through the lens of the author and audience that brought the text to life. I had to answer the question, “Where are we now?” and in doing so I was challenged to step back from my limited 21st-century perspective to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal an often more beautiful and true Word. Each week’s questions helped me interpret scripture with scripture and examine the cultural context of when the text was written. I was always eager for our group discussions as it was a sweet reminder of how studying the Bible in community bears different fruit than studying alone. I was humbled each week to remember we could not come close to plumbing the depths of scripture. But at the same time, I was reminded of His kindness of gathering us together and inviting us deeper into His Word and mission.” - Courtney J.

"I've truly enjoyed our recent study! Much like a thoroughly engaging college course, the study has been a chance to dive deep into the book (John), peel back the layers, and travel down less-travelled historical and Biblical trails that provide the clues to understand the text in new ways. Kim provides the context to view New Testament scripture through the lens of an Old Testament Israelite by connecting God’s love and generational work in and through his people. Even when I could not see HOW the question related, when I took the time to research and answer the question, it ended up revealing what the text was telling me. I can't wait to see what we discover this year as we dive further into the Old Testament." -Jenn H.



Move & Rest

Join Aime Nickel on a Lenten Adventure Wednesdays March 3 - March 31.

MOVE ~ 9:30 - 10:15 AM Couch to 5K - Learn to Run Work Outs (Strollers and pets allowed)

REST ~ 10:30 - 11:15 AM Pilates and Christian Meditation

Contact Aime Nickel for details (512-696-4590)

Hikes & Walks

Fridays at noon, Kim Hall leads a hike at a greenbelt around town. Reach out to Kim (512-217-2405) to find out location information if you'd like to join.

Mondays and Wednesdays Valerie Logwinuk leads a walk around town lake. Reach out to Valerie (512-565-1561) if you'd like to to join!


All Saints' women love to serve and support our local and global mission partners as well as those in our church body.

Please see service opportunities below:

Serve Locally


This fall is going to be a challenging school semester for everyone. But there are some communities who face additional challenges such as lack of internet, technology, or basic food staples.

All Saints is excited to build on our existing partnership with our ESL community to offer support for their children during this time of online learning and to help them navigate the resources that are provided by the schools.

We are offering an online learning site for children of our ESL families from 7:30AM - 3:00PM Monday-Friday beginning September 8. In order for this to be a success, we need volunteer support. Volunteer and find out more here.

Serve Our Church Body

Would you like to serve a family in need by bringing a meal? We would love to add you to the care calendar list. Contact Kara Dunleavy to be added to the list when a need arises.

There are so many ways to use your talents to serve the church body throughout the week and on Sundays. Please see all of the current needs and reach out to Sonya Menges or directly to the contact person for the area in which you would like to serve.

Serve Globally

We have so many global missionaries that would love your support.

Rebe McReynolds, who is serving with her family in Madagascar, has begun a ministry called Mama Vao Vao. Mama Vao Vao serves by providing hope, in the forms of jobs, to the women of her village as they design and sew goods for purchase. To order a Mama Vao Vao product and support this wonderful ministry, contact Rebe.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is experienced in the context of a relationship between two people who have placed their faith in Christ. In this relationship the spiritual director serves as a listener; a discerning guide who comes alongside one who is seeking to be attentive to God’s movement in their life. The desire for spiritual direction may be prompted by a season of hardship or of blessing. In either circumstance, the spiritual direction relationship offers a safe and sacred space of exploration believing that God, through the Holy Spirit, is always moving toward us, forming us into the image of His Son, and inviting us into the intimacy of the Trinity. As we yield to His movement, our desire to know and to glorify Him becomes stronger than any other desire and becomes our greatest hope.

For information on spiritual direction, please contact Joanne Moore.

Joanne Moore Bio

Joanne Owen Moore is a wife, mother of six, and grandmother of thirteen. Although brought up in the church, she did not become a Believer until the age of thirty. After years of legalism, the Lord used a series of life events to bring Joanne to a time of brokenness. Ultimately that brokenness led to discovering God’s calling for her life. In 2018 she completed her Certificate of Spiritual Direction with Dr. Larry Crabb and New Way Ministries.

“I consider it a privilege to walk with other women on their faith journey."

"Years ago I taught natural child-birth classes. Because of that experience, I like to think of a spiritual director as a "soul doula". It is the directee, along with the Holy Spirit, who does all the “work”. I'm just here for encouragement and to help you breathe—spiritually!"


Kim Hall

Kim Hall

Director of Women's Ministry


Taylor Williams

Women's Ministry Coordinator