The All Saints Youth Ministry exists to form high school and middle school students into the image of Christ through engagement with God and His Word, each other, and the world.

All Saints believes that Christian maturity involves a reorientation of our whole selves: our minds and bodies; our sports and schoolwork; our words and actions; our calendars; our life in the home and outside of it.

It is our hope that in the seven years they are with us, students will grow in all these ways and that they will do so together - learning Christ by seeing his image in one another and by seeking the unity for which he prayed and died.


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Parents of Youth

For Parents

The All Saints Youth Ministry thrives with sustained and consistent support not just from pastoral staff, but also from parents. To that end, there are many ways to volunteer in the youth ministry, and a place for you!



Jordan Griesbeck

Youth Pastor

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Walker Adams


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Emily Stone