Corona-fide Worship

F.A.Q Page

What health and safety measures are in place for these services?

We have several measures already in place from the past few weeks of Eucharist Services. We have also added a few for the 60-minute service due to the increased number of people and the addition of limited congregational singing. Most notably:

  • All attendees, including staff and pastors, are asked to wear masks, especially while singing. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one for you on Sunday.
  • Please wait for an usher to dismiss you in order that distance between households be maintained within the building.

What times are the services?

Our Full Worship Service is held at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM (live streamed simultaneously). Brief 30-minute Eucharist Service is held at 10:30 AM.

Is there communion at the full worship services?

Yes. Communion will be served at all three services. The 30-minute Eucharist service is smaller and abbreviated and the only congregational singing is the doxology at the end of the service.

How long are these Services?

Full Worship Services are approx. 60 minutes. Eucharist Services will be approximately 25-30 minutes.

Is childcare offered?

Yes. Childcare is offered at 9AM and 11AM on a limited basis by RSVP only. Small Saints is offered in the 9AM service only by RSVP.

Where do I go to register?

Visit to RSVP for any of our in-person services.

Will gluten free bread be offered?

Yes. At all services all the elements (bread and wine) will be in glass cups. The inner circle of the trays with bread contains gluten-free bread and the inner circle of the trays with wine contains grape juice. NOTE: because the gluten-free bread is in the same tray as the wheat bread we cannot ensure that it is entirely free of gluten. It is, however, baked with all gluten-free products.

What if I want to attend but the services is full?

We want all those who wish to attend in person to be able to do so. Because of COVID-19 guidelines unfortunately, we must limit the number of attendees to 150 for the 60-minute service. If you weren't able to reserve a seat because it was full, click here to be added to the waitlist. You will be contacted if seats open up. If no seats open up you will be given priority registration for the following week.

Can I RSVP for upcoming weeks?

Not at this time. As of now we are only offering registration for the coming Sunday.

If all the seats for my party size are taken what should I do?

If all the seats in the size of your party are taken, please select the seats for the next available group size up. Eventbrite will ask you to select the number of seats for that group (i.e. if it is for a group of 3, you must select 3 seats even if you only have 2 people).

Will the live-stream still be offered?

Yes! The 9AM and11AM services will continue to be live-streamed as usual indefinitely.

Will the Eucharist services be live-streamed?

No. Only the 9AM and11AM services will be live-streamed.

What if I'm not ready to attend in person at this time?

That's ok! We encourage all those who cannot attend an in-person service for any reason to continue to join us via livestream at 9AM or 11AM and to continue using the Prayer for Spiritual Communion that we have been saying as a congregation at the live-stream. The prayer will be displayed in the livestream for you during the eucharist portion of the service.