Serve in the World

The Americas

Trujillo, Peru

Wes Baker, Peru Mission

Dominican Republic

Audrey Willet, Kids Alive

New York

Kevin Niemann, Bridges International

Brooklyn, New York

Jamison Galt, Resurrection Clinton-Hill


Budapest, Hungary

Bill and Staci Frey, Ministry Essentials International

Bratislava, Slovakia (HMA)

Kris and Paula Lundgaard, Mission to the World

Munich, Germany (Itinerating)

Matt and Jaime Ziehr, Mission to the World

Porto, Portugal

Luciano and Lucienne Pires, Presbyterian Mission International


Nosy Be, Madagascar (HMA)

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds, Mission to the World


Hannes Pieters, The Gratitude Project


Cambodia and Thailand

International Justice Mission