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Fasting & Moderation - Poetry

The Ending of the Fast

The Fast came. It went.

Our fires still burned without consent.

Nothing blatantly remarkable

came. A woman told a parable,

but, being a parable, no one

understood. No angelic visions

materialized; no nun

had preternatural convictions.

The whole thing fizzled

Away. Even politicians

couldn’t be bothered.

We all assumed, that His conditions

hadn’t been met. We found,

instead of faith, a desperate


Our souls unsound,

our hearts, frankly, intemperate.

So, what did we want?

What was it, exactly, that the fast did?

Fix our ills? Taunt

God out from where He was hid?

Now God can be a chore.

Salvation won by hunger pang.

It showed us we needed more

Than anything, less of everything.

The point is, it didn’t work.

So we gave up. Crawled back.

Focused on a modern perk:

The start-up express track.

Degrees and pedigree.

Working hard to find us getting

All and all comfortably.

No. Our lives were not worth offsetting.

We can still be steadfast.

No need to turn into God’s fanatic.

Please. We can just about go past

It all, going and going at manic

paces. Fast, but loose

As hell.

Getting what we want,

never finding what we need.

- Josh Keller