Marino, Cassie, Restful Attention, wool and cotton yarn and native wood, 19 x 44.5 in., 2020, $600.jpg

Retreat - Visual Art

A Restful Attention.

In this age of distraction, multitasking, and mindless scrolling, a task to engage a mind and fingers alike is a retreat for my soul. When my ability to sustain attention is under constant attack by barrages of colorful images, rest is found in the satisfaction of persisting through a long task of creating detailed beauty by weaving lines and colors together. As Charlotte Mason has said, “Attention is simply the act by which the whole mental force is applied to the subject at hand.”

A retreat from the inundation of technology and screens strengthens my ability to withstand the pressuring cultural attacks of falsehood. When my mind is at rest, I am able to connect with the Great Creator and be at peace.

- Cassie Marino