Meet Our Newest Members!

Please help us welcome the following 76 individuals who formally joined All Saints in membership on Sunday, November 3.

Interested in membership? Learn more on our Membership page or contact Kara Dunleavy with any questions.

  • Erick & Jodi Allen
  • Collin & Jenna Aufhammer (+ sons George and Andrew)
  • Michael & Gretchen Barber ( + children Samuel, Joseph and Caroline)
  • Gentry & Margaret Bowen
  • Stephanie Cantu
  • Paul & Heather Dennison (+ children Emma and Deacon)
  • Margaret Dunnam
  • Marc & Glaucia Esteves (+ children Sergio and Becky)
  • Sergio & Vera Esteves
  • Mary Henley Green
  • Cheryl Higley (+ son Tyler)
  • Lisa Hsi
  • Reed Hubbard
  • Michael & Courtney Johnson
  • Brandon & Lily Lloyd (+ children Baur, Brynn, Walker and Miller)
  • Maclean & Clemmie Martin
  • Chris & Beth McKay (+ children Owen & Lily)
  • Jimmy & Emily Osborn
  • Fernando & Kelly Pulido
  • Caleb & Kristy Simpson (+ children Abby, Josh and Nathan)
  • Christan & Taylor Sweeney (+ son Andrew)
  • Chip & Paige Ueltschey (+ children Chase, Becca, Valentine and Ben)
  • Kyle Van Hoeck
  • Andrew & Chandler Ware (+ children George, Biddy and Thomas)
  • Trevor Weichmann
  • Dan & Kristi Williams
  • David Yancey Jr.
  • Jim & Tara Young (+ daughter Annabelle)

Paul & Heather Dennison


David Yancey, Jr.


Cheryl Higley


Margaret Dunnam


Chris & Beth McKay

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Jimmy & Emily Osborn


Chip and Paige Ueltschey & family

The Ueltscheys are returning to the Austin area after 11 years in the Pacific NW. Chip and Paige met and married at Redeemer in Central Austin. They have 4 children that all attend Regents and are excited to be back in Austin and the PCA.


Trevor Weichmann

Trevor Weichmann has spent the decade working and traveling around the US and world. Most recently, he moved back to Texas from Beverly Hills, to be near his family: two of his three sisters live in Austin, and the other in Dallas. He is a consultant for Hospital Medical Record software, but his biggest passions are traveling, lacrosse, family, and hosting people as they visit his town.


Stephanie Cantu

Born and raised in Austin, Stephanie Cantu is excited to return to her hometown and belong to a new church home at All Saints! After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, she received her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota and came back to Texas as soon as she could to escape the cold. After a few years of teaching psychology and business courses, she decided to make the switch to higher education administration and now serves as the senior program coordinator for the Canfield Business Honors Program in the McCombs School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, running, and hiking. She and her husband, Chester, are expecting their first child in February 2020.

Aufhammer Family Photo.jpg

Collin & Jenna Aufhammer


Erick & Jodi Allen