Member Photo Directory

Throughout the fall, All Saints will partner with Lifetouch Photography to produce a membership photo directory. We hope each All Saints household will participate as we create this tool to assist members and staff in knowing, serving, and connecting with each other. Each photographed household will be given the following:

  • Free 8"x10" photo
  • Free member photo directory

You will be given the opportunity to purchase a photo package afterwards if you desire. You are also welcome to bring in other non-All Saints family members, friends, uniforms, or outfits during your time slot should you wish to take further personal photos and make the most of this opportunity!

Sign up for your time slot ASAP!

Last Photo Sessions: November 5-6



This is all free?

Yes. You will receive a free 8"x10" photo and a free directory. This is no cost to All Saints either. After your photo session, you will be politely presented with an opportunity to purchase a photo package or portrait gifts if you so desire.


Can I take more photos than my church directory photo?

Yes. You're welcome to take advantage of this opportunity to bring in non-All Saints family and friends. You can also bring your child's football uniform or musical instrument, etc. After your church directory photo is taken, the remainder of your time slot may be used however you like to purchase personal photos.


If I'm unavailable for these dates will there be another opportunity?

Yes. Stay tuned for the release dates of future photo date opportunities if you are not available for any of the current dates and times listed.


What should I wear?

Please feel free to wear whatever you like: formal, casual or somewhere in between. Whatever you feel comfortable in!


Why am I receiving phone calls?

As we strive to get as much participation as possible on our first membership photo directory, we are utilizing a complimentary feature Lifetouch provides for spreading the word and reminding you of your upcoming photo session. We do not foresee using this communication method often in the future.


Why Lifetouch?

All Saints is looking forward to working with Lifetouch for many reasons. Their software will make it very easy for us to import all the photos to our existing online directory. They will donate $5 to our church for every photographed household. They will return as needed to take updated photos for changes in families like marriages, new babies, etc. They also provide the administrative staff with complimentary features that help us get the most out of our photo directory.