Ministry Schedule

with help from Ministry Scheduler Pro


All Saints has partnered with Ministry Scheduler Pro, a volunteer scheduling system that allows you to serve when and where you are able.

Using the Ministry Scheduler Pro online system you're able to specify exactly what dates and service times best fit your schedule to volunteer. You’re also able to check your volunteer schedule from anywhere (even your phone!) and easily find a substitute when you can’t make one of your scheduled dates. Each All Saints volunteer has access to the MSP “Web Terminal” where individuals can update their general information, service preferences, and unavailable times online.

More about Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP):

What is MSP?

Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) is a service that helps All Saints schedule volunteers to best match their schedules. Each volunteer has an MSP profile where one can find the current schedule, enter conflict dates, and request substitutes. One can also access schedules for other family members without even logging off.

When should I enter my availability?

There's no time like the present. You can enter your availability anytime. Already planning for 2016? Enter your conflicts and you won't be asked to serve on those dates. Beyond the season already scheduled, you can add conflict dates to your future availability anytime.

What is the deadline to submit conflict dates?

A few weeks before the new volunteering season. This allows us to let everyone know ahead of time when they'll be serving. The deadline to submit conflict dates for spring 2016 is Friday, December 11. The deadline to submit conflict dates for summer 2016 will be in early May.

My plans changed, but the schedule is already set. What should I do?

Once the schedule is set for the season, email your volunteer coordinator to modify your availability. Even if you're not scheduled to serve that day, we'll know not to ask you to fill in for someone else.

Did something come up unexpectedly and you need a sub?

When you discover you need a sub, please request a sub (or swap) so someone else can fill in for you. Look for the "Request sub" link in your reminder email or on your volunteering schedule. Once you've done that, your volunteer coordinator will make sure your spot gets filled.

If you need a sub within a matter of days, contact your volunteer coordinator directly for assistance.

Who is my volunteer coordinator?

How do I access MSP?

Start here. Your username is typically your first initial followed by your last name (jdoe for Jane Doe). If you forgot your password, you can reset it from the login page by clicking "Forgot your username or password?". Still need help? Contact the church office.

You can also view your schedule on the MSP app, available for iOS and Android.

Download this User Web Terminal Guide for more details or watch the video below.


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