Donate to ADRN

All Saints recently partnered with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) specifically to help children in need during the pandemic.

ADRN has assisted over 500 families with basic needs and 60% of those families have been introduced to a church through their relationship with ADRN.

All Saints has agreed to a $20K matching gift for ESL and ADRN support. These funds will go towards school supplies and basic needs.

You can donate here or contact Matt Ziehr for more information.

Volunteer with ESL

All Saints has established learning pods for the children of our ESL families this fall. We currently have over 20 children signed up to participate ranging from kindergarten to high school students. These children will utilize our campus as an online learning site providing stability, structure, and meals.

We need your help! Fill out the volunteer form here if you are interested in serving.