ESL Ministry

The purpose/el propósito:

The ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministry at All Saints seeks to reach our neighbors through Christ by building relationship and community through English classes. Relationships are a vital part of a thriving community; it is our goal to reach our Latino friends in their own language so we may strengthen our bond as the body of Christ and point each other to Jesus.

El Ministerio de ESL (Inglés como Segundo Idioma) en All Saints busca alcanzar a nuestros vecinos estableciendo relaciones y creando comunidad a través de las clases de inglés. Las relaciones son una parte vital de una comunidad próspera; es nuestra meta alcanzar a nuestros amigos latinos en su propio idioma para que podamos fortalecer nuestro vínculo como el cuerpo de Cristo, entendernos y amarnos los unos a los otros, así como Jesús nos ama.


This new ministry has several needs. Our greatest need is help with the children of the students who are attending class on Sunday nights. This job requires NO prep but simply a willingness to show up on Sundays (any Sunday you are willing!) to hang out with kids from 6:00-7:30 PM.

Two opportunities to serve:

1) Sunday Evening ESL classes | 6:00-7:30 PM | September 16 - December 9

2) Wednesday Evenings - Tutoring children during the Women's Evening Gathering | 6:30-8:15 PM | September 5 - November 28

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK that I don’t speak Spanish or any other language?

Yes! The best way to learn English is in a class where the teacher speaks only English.

How often will I teach class and for how long?

The frequency of teaching depends on the number of teachers who volunteer. At the most, our teachers would be asked to volunteer to teach class once a week for an hour and a half. If we have several teachers, we can assign teams and rotate every other week.

Will I need to prepare before I come teach?

The curriculum makes teaching very easy. 15-45 minutes should be sufficient time to prepare.

What if I will be out of town on one of the nights?

We have substitute teachers who are available to fill in for you if you can’t be there. Just let us know!

How long is the school year?

The 2018-2019 school year goes from mid-September to mid-May.

1st semester :

  • September 16- December 9
  • Christmas party December 16

Second semester :

  • January 20- May 26
  • Spring Break March 17-24
  • Break for Easter weekend April 21st

What if I have no teaching experience?

The books we use are written with you in mind. If you speak English and you can smile, you are overqualified.

What would I do as a childcare volunteer?

Much like a Children's Ministry Helping Hands volunteer, you would help lead children. You could play bingo, play soccer, make crafts if you are crafty, play Candyland, checkers, build Legos, read Bible stories, make friendship bracelets, help with homework, etc. No preparation is required of childcare volunteers.

Got another question? Want to get involved? Email Katie Dawson or fill out the form below:

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Dos oportunidades para aprender inglés:

GRUPO DE MUJERES (en español)

  • Dia: MIERCOLES (5 de Septiembre al 28 de Noviembre)
  • Hora: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • Incluye: Estudio, Cena y tutoria de niños


  • Dia: DOMINGOS (9 de Septiembre al 2 de Diciembre)
  • Hora: 6:00-7:30
  • Costo: $30
  • Incluye: libro, materiales y cuidado de niños


For ESL:

The 2018-2019 school year goes from mid-September to mid-May.

1st Semester :

  • Sept 16- December 9
  • Christmas party December 16
  • Second semester Jan 20th- May
  • Spring Break March 17-24
  • Break for Easter weekend April 21st

El año escolar 2018-2019 va de mediados de septiembre a mediados de mayo.

1er semestre:

  • 16 de septiembre al 9 de diciembre
  • Fiesta de Navidad 16 de diciembre
  • Segundo semestre del 20 al 20 de enero
  • Vacaciones de primavera del 17 al 24 de marzo
  • Descanso para el fin de semana de Pascua 21 de abril


Utilice uno de estos formularios para registrarse o venga a nuestro picnic de la iglesia el domingo 19 de agosto. Habrá almuerzo, toboganes acuáticos para los niños y la oportunidad de inscribirse en las clases.

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