What is a Shabbat Supper?

The word Shabbat comes from the Hebrew word sabat which conveys the meaning of being “joyfully and restfully present” every seventh day beginning at sunset on Friday evening.

Shabbat is received as one would receive royalty. Before sunset, the house is cleaned, delicious food is prepared, flowers are placed on a well-laid table, and candles are lit to welcome a very special and anticipated guest - the Sabbath herself. For thousands of years the Jewish people have referred to themselves as the “Groom of Shabbat”. This gives insight into how joyful they are to welcome home their bride each week. Isn’t that beautiful?

The idea behind Shabbat is less a somber and solitary ceasing of labor, but rather a festive day of shalom enjoyed with God and his people - both restfully present - in the beautiful world he has made as our home.

The Details


Coordinated by All Saints Women’s Ministry, but husbands, dates, other family members are welcome. The number of guests will be determined by the host.


A Friday evening meal which conveys the principals of Shabbat Shalom.

  • The host(s) will lay the table, prepare the food, and light the candles.

  • The guests will bring the wine, and clean the dishes.


Friday nights May 7 - June 25, as selected by hosts. All guests should arrive thirty minutes before sunset. If royalty were to visit, all would be there, ready and waiting, to receive her. To miss the lighting of the Shabbat candles at sunset by even one minute is similar to missing your train by one minute - you missed it. Don’t be late!


Various host homes around Austin. Questions? Email Taylor Williams

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