In his book Working the Angles, Eugene Peterson says that "[In Spiritual Direction] there must be a predisposition toward prayer, a readiness for prayer. Spiritual direction is then conducted with an awareness that it takes place in God's active presence, and that our conversation is therefore conditioned by his speaking and listening, his being there." At All Saints, we encourage each person to seek out this kind of relationship. For some, it looks like a traditional one-to-one mentorship. For others, it is found in the context of a year-long commitment to a triad - three people who meet together for accountability and keeping company with God together in prayer.

Types of Spiritual Direction


A relationship of Spiritual Direction (or mentorship) is the experience of keeping company with God with another person. One person is typically further along in their walk with God and more attuned to his presence, able to listen and ask questions which lead the other in hearing God's voice. It’s someone you trust and respect and are willing to follow. It doesn’t have to or need to be a clergy member. Often, the best directors are not clergy.


Triads are a group of 3 women or 3 men who commit to meet together for at least one hour once a month from September-May. In a Triad, you extend fellowship and encouragement to two other believers by listening to what’s going on in their life enough to know how to pray for them, and looking for the Spirit’s work in their life. In a confidential setting, Triads celebrate victories and blessings while also sharing struggles, wounds and trials. Each person encourages the other through faithful attendance, listening, prayer, and discrete, timely, life-giving words (Proverbs 18.21).

A primary purpose of a Triad is spiritual care (holy encouragement) for one another.
A primary intent of a Triad is the communion and edification of the saints.

A primary benefit is getting to know and care for others in a variety of demographics.
Consequently, Triads are not restricted to similarity of age, stage, or spiritual maturity.

A primary result is experiencing together the indwelling Spirit’s transforming presence.
Triads exist to encourage the Body of Christ, through the Presence of Christ, who lives
in the members of Christ.