Volunteer with All Saints Kids & Youth

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our children. Our mission is to teach children who they are and whose they are; to recognize and support our covenantal understanding that God is at work in families; to provide worship training with the goal of full participation in the church body; to teach children the real, whole truth; and to share God-stories in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that engenders joy in knowing Him and participating in His body, as well as a hope and certainty of heaven.

5 Safety Steps

All Saints Presbyterian Church requires everyone volunteering or working with children (who we define as anyone under 18 years old) to complete 5 SAFETY STEPS before ministry work or volunteer placement begins. Email Taylor Gayle with any questions.


All Saints staff members and volunteers are required to review the policies and procedures contained in this handbook and acknowledge that he or she has read and understood the material, and agrees to comply with policy requirements.


These policies are intended to protect the children of these ministries and assist the staff and volunteers who have the privilege of working with children. Changes may be made from time to time in the policies and procedures contained in this handbook without prior notice.


All Saints requires staff and volunteers to perform a criminal background check. This background check will be kept strictly confidential. Any question related to disqualifying offenses will be left to the discretion of the All Saints Senior Pastor, in consultation with the Session.


All Saints policies and procedures forbid abusive behavior of any kind by staff members and volunteers. To that end, All Saints requires all staff and volunteers working with children to complete the sexual abuse awareness online training. Directions for completion are included on Volunteer Application Form.


All Saints staff and volunteers must be recommended based on a face-to-face interaction with a staff member in charge of their area of ministry.

All Saints Presbyterian Church reserves the right to revoke any volunteer’s ability to serve in the Children’s or Youth Ministries with or without notice at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.