Work Days


9:00 AM | July 8, and August 5

There are two work days remaining this summer! Come help beautify our outdoor space and improve the overall look of the wooded area on the north section of the property.

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The goal is to improve the overall look of the north wooded area and make it a more inviting place with two or three nice spaces with the several existing small groves of oaks.

The work will take several work days. It will involve removing second-growth cedar, under-story trees, brush and invasive plants, especially in the root zones of the hardwood trees. Selected, large single-trucked cedars can remain. Some clusters of cedar might be kept in order to block a view or provide some privacy.

There will be a need for at least two to three chainsaw operators, several folks with lopping shears, others to drag debris to the chipper and a trained person to feed the chipper. The mulch generated from the chipper will be used to cover the exposed bright limestone and caliche areas that were disturbed during construction. There are also several clusters of oaks that would look nice with a bed of mulch and it will benefit the trees with better moisture retention. This mulch would also provide a nice surface for future benches or picnic tables.