The Bronsons in Thailand

  • Partner Since: 2012

The path leading the Bronsons to service in Bangkok, Thailand, is a testament to God’s grace in their lives. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Andrew and Becky began careers in finance and advertising respectively. They married in 2005 and spent two years with MTW in Bangkok—a time that shaped their sense of His leading. They returned to the States to obtain degrees from Covenant Seminary and then moved back to Thailand in 2012 for longer-term ministry.

Bangkok is a metropolis of 14 million—a melting pot of cultures and religious traditions. The city is torn between rapid urbanization, a growing middle class, and Western influence on one hand, and distinctives of ancient Thai culture and centuries of Buddhist practice on the other. For all of its glory, the city remains plagued with corruption, sexual oppression, and poverty, rooted in the suppression of the truth of the gospel. Six of every 10 Thais have literally never heard of Jesus; nine of every 10 don’t believe God exists.

Yet in this darkness God’s grace shines! Becky and Andrew work to support Thai Christians in a church-planting network in Bangkok that has been growing since 2000. They ask your prayers for the Thai Church and their ministry.