All Saints Gallery

The All Saints gallery serves as worshipful space where we display a wide range of artwork chosen for its connection to our faith and worship and seek to foster the creative gifts of those in our community and beyond. It's also a meeting place where we gather for events, meals, concerts, and prepare to enter the adjacent interim sanctuary for worship services. As we live in this space together and engage with the visual art, poetry, and writing on display, we are drawn further up and further in to a deeper understanding and love of God and each other, and to a truer worship of Him. 
For more information about the art gallery, or to inquire about available artworks, contact Sonya Menges.

Hope Revealed
Aimee Cardoso

Pentecost 2022

"O Love That Will Not Let Me Go"
Eastertide 2022 by Joanna Posey

"A Lenten Practice"
Selections from Doxology by Rob Pepper

Advent 2021, feat. work by Donald J. Forsythe

"Further Up and Further In"
Fall 2021, feat. works by Grace Bomer

"Summer Breeze"
Summer 2021, feat. works by Will Bryant

Gallery Retrospective
Summer 2021

Lent 2021, feat. works by Mia Carameros