Called to live and love as the Body of Christ in Austin for the World.

Our Mission

We envision a community where all members ardently live out missional service to both Austin and the world. Our missions committee plays a pivotal role by equipping, supporting, and promoting missional opportunities, partnering with passion, clarity, and effectiveness. To accomplish this, we have identified five main pillars to help situate our missional efforts and partnerships:

Gospel Centered

Our aim is to announce the universal reign of God in Christ, through the Church, the centrality of the Word of God, and dependence on the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Kingdom of God

Our primary concern lies in serving the poor and the vulnerable, with dedicated efforts in relief and development.


Our emphasis is on understanding and engaging with the local community, working alongside the local body of Christ.

Leadership Development

Our key focus is on developing leaders who are equipped to effectively serve in our diverse cultural milieu.

Apologetics & Outreach

Our central objective is evangelism and outreach, sharing the message of the Gospel with others.

Where We Serve

We support, volunteer with, and partner with numerous local and international ministries in Austin, the United States, and around the world. 
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Local Mission Partners

2024 Missions Conference

Cultivate Connection, Embrace Community: Discover the Heart of Radical Hospitality in Today’s World

In a world increasingly marked by isolation and loneliness, the desire for connection, friendship, and fellowship is more profound than ever. During our Missions Conference, we gathered to delve deep into how Christ calls His people into hospitality, and explored what Christian hospitality should look like today.

With two  dynamic speakers Bill Walker, Director of the Hill House Christian Study Center, and our very own Mary Freiberger, Communications and Events Manager at All Saints, the conference provided practical insights into incorporating radical hospitality into everyday life.

Missed the event? Access the recordings below to discover how we can actively pursue connection, friendship, and fellowship in our communities.

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Rev. David Vilches

Assistant Pastor, Missions

Brooke Crockett

Missions Coordinator