To Witness & To Bless

Our Mission

A community of God's people, called to live  as the Body of Christ.

Christ’s Church is a living, breathing organism. We breathe in and we breathe out. We open our doors to welcome people in hospitality and we open our doors to send out in mission and witness to God’s good work in the world.  This is what it means to live as the Body of Christ. As Christ’s Body, the Church participates in God’s work to bring in his Kingdom on earth by witnessing it and blessing it through our common life in this place. All Saints is a witness to and participant in God’s work in the world.

We are excited to announce we met and exceeded our campaign goal! Thank you to everyone who participated with us in seeking to open up space now and in the future to continue to live out our mission in Austin.

Capital Campaign Household Participation Meter

All Saints' leadership invites 100% of our church members to be a part of the capital campaign - no matter how large or small one's commitment.
You're invited to submit a pledge now, to be fulfilled on your timeline between now and November 1, 2024.

Columbarium & Cemetery

While outside the scope of the capital campaign, we've identified an additional two-part project that is integral to the continued life and ministry of All Saints. Even though it will be funded separately, we plan to pursue the implementation of this project concurrently with the capital campaign projects.

Campaign Leadership Team

Tim Frickenschmidt
Senior Pastor

Sabra Boone
Campaign Manager

David & Joelle Beisner
David Breeding
Jim & Cindy DeCosmo
Brian Haley
Matt Heininger
Will & JoAnne Hendrix
Ann Hughes
Gary Loudamy
Holly Noel
Joe & Kathy Petet
Mark & Adrienne Thannisch
Toby Tobleman

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Capital Campaign Virtual Tour