Summer Fellows


During college, we begin to ask and answer life’s big questions: Who am I? What is a “good life”? What are my passions? What career should I pursue? How we answer these questions shapes the course of our life.

At All Saints, we believe there is no better place to ask and answer these questions than in the Church. Over the course of the summer, we hope to guide you as you explore these questions: working in a field of interest, dialoguing with community leaders, growing as a fellows community, and being shepherded by a local church.

By the end of the summer, we believe you’ll grow in your love for God, your love for one another, and your love for the World.

Program Overview

Three days a week, fellows work as summer interns in a given vocation (e.g. private equity, medicine, real estate, ministry, etc.). Fellows also receive theological training, participate in seminars with Christian scholars and community leaders, share life together, and enjoy one-on-one mentoring relationships with mature believers. Fellows will receive formational care through:

  • Host Church: The host church functions as the hub of the fellows program: providing oversight, scheduling activities, and weaving fellows into the life of the church body.
  • Job Host: The job host is either a business or church that hires the fellow as a paid summer intern.
  • Mentor: Each fellow is assigned a mentor. Mentors are members of the local church and employees of the fellow’s job host. Mentors will shepherd the fellow as they learn to integrate their faith with their vocation.


  • Application Deadline: Friday, November 22
  • May 28-August 9
  • 11 weeks with 1 week set aside for Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM) volunteering


  • $1500 Fellows Stipend

Mentors & Internship Opportunities


Kevin Dunleavy, McGarrah Jessee

For over 20 years McGarrah Jessee has been in the business of creating completely-integrated, fully-formed campaigns in digital, social, and experiential platforms – along with television, radio, out-of-home, an, of course, taglines. On the account and strategy side, you'll be diving into what makes one client unique from others in that category and developing a focus line that sparks creative ideas. On the creative side, as a budding writer or art director, you'll be tasked with taking those focus points from account and strategy and turning them into something that makes someone pay attention and become a fan of the brand.


Matt Heininger, Sparrow Partners

Sparrow Partners is a vertically integrated multifamily development and acquisition company. Sparrow offers opportunities in development, construction, investment underwriting, asset management and sales/marketing.


Patrick Hotze, Hotze Runkle

Hotze Runkle is a personal injury law firm in Austin. We represent victims of industrial exposures and pharmaceutical drugs. We typically have 8 interns each summer working on a variety of projects such as data entry, filing, mail processing, and client calls.

David Howell.jpg

David Howell, Hat Creek Burger Company

Hat Creek Burger Company is a rapidly growing family friendly burger patio. Interns work alongside an engaged and high energy team in a fast paced small business environment, including exposure to the full accounting cycle, HR management, and more.


Brooke Shannon, Wait Until 8th

Wait Until 8th empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children smartphones until at least the 8th grade. The growing nonprofit has more than 20,000 supporters. Summer fellows will assist with marketing, content development, and data analytics and management.


Mike Shannon, Vianovo

Vianovo is a consulting firm that specializes in brand, political, and crisis issues. Our clients are corporations, universities, foundations, and public figures. Fellows perform research and assist in client proposals and work.


Catherine Vergara, CareFor

CareFor is a private care management firm that also provides in-home care, medication management, medical advocacy, and guardianship services. Summer interns support our team through administrative office work. For those interested in nursing or clinical work, opportunities are available supporting our Nurse Care Managers.


  • Monday
    • 9am-6pm Internship
    • 6:30pm-9 PM- Night Off
  • Tuesday
    • 9am-6pm Internship
    • 6:30pm-9pm Dinner & Round Table Discussion
  • Wednesday
    • 9am-6pm Internship
    • 6:30pm-10pm- Night Off
  • Thursday (Church Day)
    • 9:30am- Chapel / Morning Prayer
    • 10:00-12:00 PM- Class
    • 12:00-1:30- Fellows Lunch
    • 1:30-3:00- Spiritual Direction
    • 3:00- Evening Prayer
    • 3:30-6:00- FREE
    • 6:00-9:00 PM- Social Night
  • Friday-Saturday OFF (Time to rest and reflect.
    • Select weekends designated for formational retreats)
  • Sunday
    • 9am-12pm Worship/Rotate as volunteers through ministries of the Church (children, student, worship, facilities, etc.)
    • 6pm-9pm Assist in Student Ministry