Membership Resources


Detailed Information Form 

All individuals pursuing membership are required to complete this general information form, formally expressing your intent to become a member of All Saints. This form collects contact information and additional details needed for the membership process.

Note: Only one general information form is required per household. 

Membership Questionnaire

All adults should fill out this form when planning on joining All Saints. The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to share info with us you might not have the opportunity to include on a general info form. Help us get to know you!

Service Form

As part of our membership vows, All Saints members promise to "support the Church in its worship and work through serving in various areas. You have the opportunity to select areas in which you would like to serve. Descriptions of each area can be found on the service form. 

Schedule a Membership Interview

A pastor or elder will meet with you to get to answer any extra questions you may have. Interview sign-ups will take place during the All About All Saints Class.

If you are not able to attend the All About All Saints class to schedule your interview due to extenuating circumstances, or sacramental reasons, please email Courtney Johnson to schedule an interview. 

New Member Vows

In addition to the new member vows paperwork required, new members take vows during worship where they are publicly welcomed into membership by our church body. Vows are scheduled on two designated Sundays each year.