What is professional counseling?

You and I are used to resolving problems quickly and easily. We have the power, it seems, to swiftly and logically ‘fix’ most difficulties in our lives. However, when it comes to relationships, emotions, or traumatic experiences the answers usually aren't obvious or simple.
There are a variety of reasons you might find yourself seeking help, perhaps depression, anger or addiction have taken over your life; maybe you’ve been deeply wounded by those who were supposed to keep you safe; you might be concerned for one of your children and just don’t know where else to turn. Whatever the reason, we hope to partner alongside you in your journey. Professional Counseling can facilitate a space for healing, by providing you with a safe place to talk about your life.

At All Saints we recognize that spiritual health and growth are intimately tied with emotional and psychological health. While the Pastoral staff are trained in pastoral care and discipleship, they are not trained in professional counseling or psychotherapy, which, depending upon the situation might be immensely beneficial. We can help you get connected to a therapist with whom we have a personal relationship. Every professional we refer to is someone we have met face to face and interviewed concerning their practice. It is our goal to present you with therapists who we know, trust, and believe you will connect with easily to find the help you need.

How do I know if I need counseling?

We all experience times of stress, grief, sadness or conflict so its difficult to discern at what point to get professional help. Truthfully, counseling can be beneficial regardless of how "serious" your problem seems to be. Sometimes we need a safe place to talk, and professional counseling can provide that.

Here are a few signals that professional counseling could be helpful for you:
  • The problem you are experiencing is significantly affecting your quality of life (eating habits, sleep, relationships, work, etc)
  • You've been through a traumatic experience and it seems to have overtaken you and your daily life.
  • Significant loss or grief (death of a loved one, major illness, beginning a difficult new season)
  • You are using a substance (alcohol, drugs, etc) to cope with your feelings or circumstances.
  • You feel hopeless and have become disinterested in activities you used to enjoy.
  • Significant relationships in your life have been impaired or ended because of what's happening to you.
  • Loved ones in your life have mentioned they are concerned about you and/or your behavior.
  • You're here and you don't know where else to turn

Still not sure? Feel free to reach out to Josh Keller if you have more questions.

Counseling Referrals

Understanding that sharing your story can be a vulnerable and painful process, we aim to honor and protect your privacy through our confidential referral system.

We have provided a space below where you can make a confidential request for a counseling referral. Feel free to share whatever information feels necessary and safe.

We will do our best to offer you the name(s) of therapists or resources which we believe can help you. Anything you share in your request for a referral will be held in strict confidence.