Join us on Saturday, October 30 from 4-6PM in the All Saints parking lot for Trunk-or-Treat! If you've never been to a "Trunk-or-Treat" event, imagine a trick-or-treating experience all in one place, going from car to car instead of house to house.  Participants decorate their car trunk or truck bed and hand out treats from there.

Come for a safe, fun-filled afternoon for the whole family and bring your friends and neighbors!

Details for Prospective Participants

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 2nd annual Trunk-or-Treat on October 30 at 4:00-6:00 PM. We are so excited to have you and family join us for the fun.  Here are a few things you should know:
Choose a Theme
You will need to pick a theme for your car or SUV. It doesn't have to be elaborate-- even just simple holiday decorations from the Dollar Store are great. There are lots of ideas online or on Pinterest, and even some ready-made kits you can purchase. We are happy to help if you need ideas or any help! Some examples of fun ideas are books/movies (Wizard of 0z, Star War, etc.), Fairytales or Nursery Rhymes, cartoon characters (Paw Patrol, Minions, Snoopy, etc.), Superheroes or Disney-themed, Game or Game show (Candy Land, Wheel of Fortune), or Bible Story (Noah's Ark, Jonah, Nativity, etc). Fall or Halloween-themed is also great, but please nothing scary. Feel free to bring camping chairs and any other props or accessories for your car. Many people find it helpful to bring a small folding table or card table to place the candy bowl.
Costumes Encouraged!
Costumes are lots of fun if you want to incorporate that as part of your car theme. But they are not required. Kids are encouraged to wear their costumes as well, especially if they are planning to trick-or-treat. PLEASE BRING YOU CHILD A TRICK-OR-TREAT BAG. (We will have extras for anyone that needs one).
Plan Your Time
Cars/Trucks/SUVs participating in Trunk or Treat will need to arrive no later than 3:30pm to set up. You will be assigned a parking spot along the route. Trick-or-Treaters will arrive at 4:00 PM and we need all cars safely in place before then to ensure for their safety. The event will end at 6:00 PM, so please plan to stay with your car the entire time.
We will have the Trunk-or-Treat area coned off for pedestrian traffic ONLY. We will have arrows for a one-way flow of foot traffic. Half of the All Saints parking lot will be designated for parking, while the other half will be for the Trunk-or-Treat area. Street parking is also available.
We will provide 2 large bags of candy for you to pass out. Please bring your own container (bucket, bowl, etc) to hold the candy. Some people prefer to pass out trinkets instead of candy, which you are welcome to do.
Stay for Pizza
If you are participating as a car, stay for dinner! Beginning at 6:00 PM, will have pizza, salad, fruit, and drinks in the Hospitality room for your enjoyment.

Sign up to be a "Trunk-or-Treat" Car