The Acts of the Apostles

Some of the most extraordinary, colorful, and tragic events in all of history took place during the first century. The world's super-power at the time, Rome, was a volatile blend of idealism, sensuality, politics, and cruelty, and into such an unlikely setting Christianity made its own quiet - then shocking - entry. This is the dramatic story of the 'Acts of the Apostles' and I am so excited to study it with you!

One of Luke's favorite images for discipleship is "the Way'' and it is helpful to keep this image in mind because the narrative of Acts is a story on the move; it is a true story about a triumphant King Jesus, and the kingdom of God, and how the good news went from Jerusalem to 'the whole world' through the witness of Jesus' followers.

I hope you'll join us this fall as we endeavor to walk together in the "the Way" of our risen Lord.
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