Sundays in the Children's Ministry

Welcome to the All Saints Children's Ministry! We're excited to see you on Sunday mornings for worship! 

We are now offering Small Saints for K-2nd grade and Sunday School for 3rd-5th grade during the sermon time at each worship service.

Nursery (0-1yr olds)

The babies and toddlers in these rooms enjoy age-appropriate toys, books, Bible stories, music, and lots of hugs and cuddles.

Children's Church (2yr-olds to PreK)

These kiddos enjoy music, crafts, indoor play time and outside play time. Parents, please make use of our KidCheck system, and please label all cups, bags, etc.

Small Saints and Sunday School

Children attend the worship service with their parents, then are dismissed before the homily for a lesson and activities. Children will return to the sanctuary during the Offertory, and before Communion.


If you have a question not answered below, please reach out to our Children's Director, Michael Clark

How do I check in my child?

For children in Nursery and Children's Church, All Saints uses a child check-in system called KidCheck. When you enter the Children's Hall, you'll see three check-in stations to your left. If you're visiting for the first time, there will be a staff person present to help you check in. After you sign in, you'll receive a printed name tag to put on your child and a "claim check" to keep with you. You'll need to present the claim check when you come back to pick up your child at the end of the service. You can pre-register to help the check-in process:

Do I need to sign in my child for Small Saints?

You do not need to sign in your child for Small Saints. Children attending Small Saints are released from the main worship service after the Gospel reading and before the homily. Small Saints teachers meet the children in the Narthex and walk them to their class in room 102. If it's your child's first time attending, you may want to go with them or send them with a friend. Small Saints children return to worship just before communion. Teachers are notified when it's time to return and they walk the children back to the sanctuary.