Church Planting

A key part of All Saints’ vision for mission to the city of Austin is the planting of new churches. In 2015, this vision became a reality when All Saints planted Grace+Peace in north-central Austin. Our hope is to continue to send people out to establish new churches throughout the greater Austin area. All Saints is  part of the Reach South Texas church planting network, whose goal is to plant new churches throughout central and south Texas. Read more about Reach South Texas and some of our past and current church-planting efforts below:

Grace + Peace Presbyterian Church:

All Saints has always been a west and southwest Austin church. For many years, our leadership prayed about sending out a new church into north-central Austin, building upon the work the Lord had already begun in and through All Saints in the southwest part of the city. Born out of an All Saints evening church service that met at Park Hills Baptist Church, Grace + Peace Austin held their first service as an independent "daughter church" of All Saints on August 23, 2015.  As stated in their story, G+P's vision is to be a “Gospel-Formed Family for the City”, emphasizing both the calling of God’s people into intimate community and mission to bring His light to the city.

Reach South Texas

"In the Great Commission, Jesus essentially gave his disciples a church-planting imperative. By calling the disciples to go, baptize and teach, Jesus also provided a context their disciple-making mission. This mission aimed at more than a person making a decision for Jesus Christ, but envisioned lives being enfolded into churches— living and worshiping communities of faith.

Church planting is still at the heart of Jesus' mission for the church in the 21st century and the primary purpose of Reach South Texas. It is our aim to plant churches that are soaked with Gospel life so that they embody God's grace in worship, community and mission.

It is critical to us that we plant churches that are deeply rooted in the truth of God's word, contextually-aware and winsomely missional. We seek to plant churches that are neither against the culture nor blindly follow it, but which faithfully, graciously and courageously exemplify Christ’s presence to our neighbors."

All Souls Dripping Springs

All Saints is helping plant a church in Dripping Springs. Come meet the pastor who will be leading the plant, Byron West, and his family, at a meet-and-greet lunch on Sunday, May, 1 at 12:30 PM. RSVP to Sabra Boone if you'd like to attend.

If you'd like to contribute financially to the church plant, you may do so here.

You may be wondering, “Why plant another church in Texas?” Austin is the least churched major metro area in the state of Texas and is ranked 50th in the nation of churchless metros. It is close behind Washington D.C. and outranks places such as Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Not only is the Austin-area church deprived, but the city and region are also among the most post-Christian cities in the country. Austin is tied with Sacramento, Boise, Chicago, and Detroit and comes in ahead of other post-Christian metros such as L.A., Fresno, Denver, and Miami.
As Austin continues its expansion into the suburbs and places like Dripping Springs, this church-poor region will only grow in its need for gospel-centered works. Our goal is not another building, but a movement to invite every man, woman, and child to receive the good news of Jesus, worship the Lord, journey together in spiritual formation, and to reproduce churches that do the same. Rooted with historic charm, explosive growth, and positioned as the “Gateway to the Hill Country,” Dripping Springs represents a unique opportunity to spread the light and love of Jesus in a wonderful community that will serve as a home base for a broader reach into the Texas Hill Country and eventually around the world.

Byron and Jennifer West are native Texans. Jen grew up in Mesquite, Byron in Forney, and both graduated from Texas A&M University – Commerce. Jennifer is a teacher by training, and Byron stumbled into education while completing seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has served as a youth pastor, teacher (middle and high school), and served the last two years as an interim head of school. Byron and Jennifer are moving to Dripping Springs from Fort Myers, FL, where they have served and loved Westminster Presbyterian Church since 2012. Byron was hired as the Family/Youth Director in 2012, ordained as an Assistant Pastor in January 2015, and has served as senior pastor since August 2016. The Wests have three children - Elijah, Evangeline (Evie), and Nora - and a five-year-old Weimaraner named Belle.

Church Planting Apprentice

All Saints is excited to welcome Adam Radcliff and his wife, Natalie, to its staff beginning in July. Originally from West Virginia, Adam is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has served churches in Chicago and Greenville, SC, most recently as an assistant pastor at Downtown Presbyterian Church. In 2009, while in seminary, Adam married Natalie, a native of Illinois. Together they have four children: Vivian ('15), Charles Jr. ('17), Jude ('19), and Calvin ('21). As a couple, they are committed to drinking copious amounts of quality coffee.

Adam is All Saints' first Church Planting Apprentice. He will work alongside the pastoral staff in a two-year apprenticeship while preparing to go out from All Saints and plant a church. We look forward to introducing you to Adam and Natalie in person this summer!