Word & Prayer

Author Eugene Peterson says, "Prayer is never the first word. It is always the second word. God has the first word." Prayer always follows Scripture, just as we open worship with the words of a Psalm before we pray. God's words first; our words second. God speaks; and we answer. We listen to God in Scripture; and then we pray. If you have a Bible, you already have everything you need to pray. Simply pray the Scriptures, pray after the Scriptures, pray from the Scriptures. We don't grow prayer on our own. Prayer springs up from scripture as naturally as plants from good and watered soil.

Scripture Reading Plans

Our daily readings follow the Daily Lectionary from the Book of Common Prayer - a two-year cycle that goes through the Old Testament once, the New Testament twice, and the Psalms frequently. Find the readings in the back of your Sunday bulletin, in our scripture reading brochure (available in the Narthex), or in the All Saints app. 

"Lord, teach us to pray."

Thankfully, God does teach us to pray. He gives us the Lord's Prayer, he gives us the Psalms, and he gives us a wealth of tools from Church history to teach us to hear and to pray.  Read more about some of these tools here.

Join us in prayer

All Saints' pastors and staff gather for Morning Prayer every Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM. All are welcome to join us in the Chapel.

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