Room to Worship

Debt Retirement

Pay off our mortgage in full.
Retiring the debt remaining from our initial campus construction will afford new opportunities to All Saints for years to come. In January, All Saints was able to retire $500,000 in debt. Paying off the remaining $4.4 million balance on our mortgage will allow the church to reallocate the $369,000/year currently spent towards debt service, and reinvest those funds for immediate missional impact such as:

  • Sustaining three Sunday worship services
  • Welcoming members as they return in-person 
  • Receiving new members and attenders
  • Launching new All Saints sites and services in the coming years

Wise stewardship today will free up All Saints to pursue what God has called us to do now, and all He has planned for our future. That posture of readiness can best be achieved by All Saints having paid off its current debt in full.